I was honored to take part in a very fun engagement surprise for a great couple. The fact that we even pulled it off is good enough, but seeing Ashley’s surprise was priceless. So to set the stage… months ago Jonathan contacted me and asked if I could help with his engagement. After months of planning I began convincing Ashley it was time for us to do another modeling shoot. As she was texting me for details about the shoot…. I was texting Jonathan to keep him in the loop so we could both control the conversation. We convenience her to ask a friend if we could shoot at his house… of course the friend was in on it so he said yes. Then came questions about the shoot itself. I told her I was looking for something pretty for my website. Figured that was simple enough. I told her to think “pretty” as the theme. So a nice dress… get your hair and nails done…. you know the whole nine yards. She sent me some photos of dresses she had, Jonathan and I coordinated with the suits he owned. It was all very spy vs. spy. On the big day I met with her out at the house. I told her we were going to start outside and we began taking photo around the property as if it were a regular modeling session. After about a half hour… I led her to a pre-planned spot which kept her back to the house. As I began photographing her I also hit send on a text to Jonathan letting him know I was ready. Keeping her focus on the camera and me the whole time, Jonathan came out of the house and quietly walked up behind her. At the last moment she heard a sound and turned… only to find her boyfriend on one knee with a ring in hand. She said Yes.

Ashley and Jonathan… I wish you the best… and thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your special day.

~ Brian Jester | Balatro Photography

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