On a very cold…. very early morning last fall, I met up with Samantha Jo to shoot some very fun photos with a bobcat. (The cat kind…. not the tractor) After seeing her excitement with the photos after the shoot I showed them off to a good friend for some feedback. As always Dani gave me her unfiltered thoughts and suggested we submit the photos to a magazine. So we did.

It was an Honor for us both to have our photos published in the December 2014 Directory Issue of Feroce Magazine.  (www.ferocemagazine.com)

Here is a little story I wrote to submit with the photos, followed by the rest of the photos from that shoot. Samanatha Jo and I would love to hear what you think! Please comment below.

I would love to take credit for the inspiration behind this shoot… however it was the model who came to me with the desire to shoot with a somewhat mystic feel. I suggested we do something in the early morning when the sunrise would warm up the cold morning, and if lucky provide a little fog from the lake. Little did we know that the night before our shoot, a cold front would hit and the temperatures would drop into the 20’s. So once again, full credit to the model…. Samantha Jo wearing nothing more than thin layers braved the photo shoot with a 4:30am wake up time and 27 degree temperatures. Adding to the adventure was the fact that a few days before, I was inform she managed to find a Bobcat that would be joining us! How could I not be excited and terrified at the same time. Can’t say I’ve ever photographed a Bobcat before…. but I have worked with cats…. let me just say that I fully respect any pet photographers out there. I didn’t have any idea what to expect come the morning of the shoot. But as you can see…. the model survived… Louie the Bobcat and his handler Shelby were wonderful… and I managed to capture one or two amazing moments. I loved the interactions between Louie and Sam, and how the frost covered field contrasted the warming glow of morning light. This truly was a special shoot, and now, we all can say we’ve played with a Bobcat in a frosty field.


Photographer / Retoucher: Brian Jester – Balatro Photography

Model / MUA / Stylist: Samantha Jo

Bobcat: Louie the Bobcat

Wildlife Expert: Shelby Sudduth – Learning Tree Exotics

~ Brian Jester | Balatro Photography

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